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We offer values-based financial planning advice.  

We believe that when we have insight into your life story and your values are understood, your decisions emanating from our advice will be crystal clear and easy to make. 

Why Us?


We work for our clients as we would for our own families. We are all about building life-long meaningful relationships based on trust, integrity, and technical expertise.

We’re a boutique financial planning business. Having a select client base gives us time to truly know our clients; to be proactive and provide an exceptionally high level of client service.

Our Services


Our focus is very much on holistic financial and retirement planning rather than only investment performance – to the immense long-term benefit of all of our clients. Like seasoned conductors, we orchestrate experts in the fields of investment management, estate planning, risk mitigation and tax management to manage your finances. All of these individual players adhere to a written financial plan which is regularly updated.

We gain immense satisfaction from helping our clients to not just survive retirement but rather to thrive in their golden years – mentally, physically, and financially. Find out more about what sets our EPIC retirement apart here.

Our Process


We believe that the first step to successful financial planning is really getting to know our clients by listening to their life stories. To do this we use Return on Life™, an ingenious methodology which prioritises health and happiness over wealth for wealth’s sake. ROL is an ongoing process which we use to help you to make decisions which improve your life.

It’s a powerful experience that’s not only about understanding what’s important to you now and in the future but also knowing where you have come from and what has shaped your views.

The value of financial advice 


Recent research by international leading investment companies stresses that clients who work closely with holistic financial advisors experience an average of 3% per annum additional value-add or “Gamma” compared to those who don’t.

This doesn’t just prove the benefits of appropriate asset allocation, rebalancing and tax management. It also shows that ongoing financial coaching can change behaviour and prevent people from making mistakes such as selling at the bottom of the market. The term behaviour gap has been coined to describe the difference between the higher returns that investors might potentially earn and the lower returns they actually do earn because of their own behaviour.

Just as an orchestra is greater than the sum of its parts, the real value of holistic values based financial advice is far greater than the number you see on your statements. Proper financial advice reaps intangible rewards by bringing you peace of mind and helping you to achieve financial wellbeing.

Our Team

Adam Bacher


Adam Bacher

Adam Bacher is a CFP® professional and a CFA® charter holder. He has 18 years’ experience in the financial services industry and served as head of the Alexander Forbes’ personal financial planning investment committee.  His technical and strategic expertise is complemented by his keen understanding of relationships, values and people.

Adam has also represented South Africa in international cricket, playing 19 test matches and 13 one day internationals. His experiences at the highest level of professional sport have left a lasting impression. Dealing with the ups and downs of professional sport made him “super curious to find out what it takes to succeed more than you fail.” As his clients will tell you, he seems to have found the answer. 

Leigh-Ann Ritson


Leigh-Ann Ritson

Leigh-Ann Ritson has worked as Adam’s personal assistant for 10 years and has been in the assurance industry for over 25 years. She prides herself on delivering a very high standard of client service. As a psychology graduate, she really understands what makes people tick.

Leigh-Ann loves to travel (she’s a sucker for Egyptology), cooking and broadening her understanding of wine. She spends much of her free time supporting her three talented and energetic kids on the sports field.

Our clients

Our bespoke approach works best with successful executives and professionals who are planning for (or already enjoying) a long and melodious retirement. The synchronicity between our values and yours is the cornerstone of your relationship with us. We love working with people who…

Are financial delegators
who value expert advice 

Are passionate about meaningful goals which require planning and money 

Enjoy the simplicity, freedom and peace of mind that comes with having all their financial assets under a watchful eye 

Value our expertise and benefit from the advice fee (we charge a percentage of assets under our care)  

Focus on what’s important in their lives and live meaningful lives 

Can handle the truth and don’t skirt around uncomfortable issues


Everything about Adam is personal. Nothing is off-the shelf – he has built our financial plan on ongoing and evolving deep, intimate and caring understanding our family goals, needs, and wishes. His financial expertise is obvious, but what sets him apart is that he delivers a uniquely tailored and living roadmap and plan based on each clients’ personal situation. From day one we have consistently felt that we couldn’t be in better or more caring hands.
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