This week was an incredibly sad one in the life of Adam Bacher Wealth Management when a very special client of ours passed away after a sudden illness.  As much as we love sharing positive family moments in our clients’ lives such as the births of grandchildren, graduations, weddings, and other special family celebrations, the passing of a long-standing client is always terribly difficult to deal with.

Joan was one of the founding clients in the life of our business and it was her positivity and support, more than 10 years ago, that gave me the confidence to start my new business.  10 years later one takes for granted the leap of faith it took to start up a new business and without people like Joan supporting, it might never have happened.  I am truly grateful for her support.

I often feel there are people in life that you meet who either suck energy from you or give you amazing energy after interacting with them.  Joan was certainly one of the latter.  No matter how bleak things got, Joan drummed into me how we need to be grateful for the things that really count in life such as family and special relationships.  Never once did I leave her company feeling down; in fact, quite the opposite.

Joan loved her cricket and we would have long discussions about all the players and the opposition and she was happiest after a win against Australia!!  I know Joan was adored by her family and our thoughts are with them during this very tough time.  I have no doubt that in the years to come, they will be left with only good memories of Joan and they will take the lessons learned from her into their lives; as will we.

Adam & Leigh-Ann