Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope you managed to take a meaningful break over the festive period and that you’re ready to tackle 2020 with a vengeance! We certainly are.


At Adam Bacher & Associates Wealth Management we’re heralding the start of a new decade (our second in existence) with a brand-new website (and a New Year’s resolution to be much more active on LinkedIn!). Working with a creative team to come up with the new site was a deeply rewarding exercise which reminded us why we do what we do and gave us a chance to clearly communicate what makes us different.

The new website has a musical theme, likening the work we do to that of a musical conductor who brings together a myriad of instruments and players to create financial harmony that is greater than the sum of its parts. The copy, meanwhile, hammers home the personal relationships we forge with our clients (you really are like family to us) while also explaining how following our innovative Financial Roadmap can transform your financial situation. Feel free to share the site with anyone who you feel would benefit from having their assets managed by us: https://www.adambacherwealth.co.za/


This year is all about consolidation for me. I’ve committed to getting to know my clients even better so that I can continue to deliver the highly-personalised service you’ve come to expect. To this end I’ll be reaching out to all of you in the months ahead, to set up a time to chat. If it can’t wait that long, feel free to jump the gun – my door truly is always open.

I’m also on a mission to improve my communication with you. You can expect monthly newsletters (this being the first!) containing really useful info about everything from innovative new investment options through to the ramifications of the latest local and international economic developments. I’ll be dedicating quite a bit of my time to ensuring that these newsletters become ‘must-reads’ which add genuine value to my clients, so I do hope you will read (and share) them voraciously!

What’s more, in 2020, I’ll be arranging more awesome get-togethers for you – the plan is to host another of our client appreciation breakfasts this year which have gone down so well in the past. We have always tried to line up a uniquely interesting guest speaker who has an uplifting and fascinating story to tell. Once we have secured the speaker for 2020 we will let you know the details for the breakfast, most likely towards the backend of the year when we will need that lift the most!


That’s it from me for this month. You keep on doing what you do best and Leigh-Ann and I will carry on doing what we do best – carefully managing your finances to ensure lasting happiness and prosperity.

Best regards,